Team Biographies
See who's in your yard!

Patrick Purdy
Owner, Climber

Originally from St. Croix, Virgin Islands, Pat moved to Asheville with his family in 1995. 

He's an all-around handy guy, a skilled mechanic, and a dexterous tree climber- he's been swinging in trees his whole life and found that doing tree work is his true niche! 

Pat lives in Fairview with his wife, cats, and two young children.

CSID: 221938 

Pat's son, Ellis, and his beloved cat>>

Morgan Purdy
"Branch" Manager

Morgan (Patrick's Sister) helped start Tarzan back in 2009.  She does everything from general ground work, bookkeeping, logo design, and the necessary amount of making fun of the guys.

Ask for Morgan if you're looking to set up an appointment!

Awww.... little Patrick and Morgan, circa 1990


Joe Linville

Joe and Pat met in 2011 and became fast friends. He's a talented climber, a great guy to work with, and we're very happy to have him on the team.

When he's not swinging in trees, which is rare, you can find him kayaking and rock climbing.

Cameron Holmes 

Cameron has been working for Tarzan for three years now and we're amazed we haven't run him off yet!
 *just kidding 

In all seriousness, Cam is an incredibly hard worker,
a lot of fun to be around, and is a certified Arborist- we're so glad he's part of the crew!

Mason McMonegal  

Mason is a new recruit to Tarzan and we're very glad to have him. 

He's a hard worker and has an impressive knowledge of the local flora and fauna. 

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